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  • More information about the previsite?
  • The purpose of the pre-visit is:

    Evaluate Wi-Fi coverage of the site and determine any additional needs,

    Verify the conformity of the site according to prerequisites imposed by the manufacturer.

    Following this, a detailed report is sent to you to provide recommendations:

    • To meet the manufacturer’s prerequisites
    • To offer private and public Wi-Fi access to your site
    • And in terms of IT best practises (cabling, technical rack, Internet line).

    If your site requires the installation of the Citypassenger Wi-Fi system, a purchase order will be sent to you.

  • More information on the onsite installation?
  • As soon as you decide to sign up for our services, we’ll walk you through preparing your site to welcome our technician in the best conditions.

    We first invite you to prepare the site in terms of cabling in accordance with the recommendations of the audit report that will have been provided to you.

    At the same time, you will be asked for various technical information such as your IP addressing plan, which will be used to prepare the necessary hardware, namely a V20 controller and one or more Wi-Fi terminals.

    Throughout the operation, our technical teams are at your disposal to help you in case of difficulty.

    Once these elements have been validated, we will organize with your consent the intervention of a technician. Our Citypassenger expert will carry out the implementation of our solution on your site.

  • More information about our integration method?
  • Integration into our information systems is the key to a successful project; we attach great importance to it.

    For this, we deploy technicians onsite, at your request, to diagnose more precisely the network resources available to you and to which you are entitled, your current and possible future needs.

    In addition, we will conduct a more in-depth study to determine how to optimize your information system and avoid defective equipment and slowdowns.

    It is very important for sites to have optimal Wi-Fi; each site has its specificity.

    To achieve this, our integration teams look after you, today and tomorrow, so that you have the best possible and functional Wi-Fi for your business needs.