Choose your subscription

Citypassenger provides you with a universal central SDN controller and all the access points guaranteeing a good coverage. Then, choose all the options you want for your WAN, LAN, WLAN, and only pay monthly for what you have selected. Equipment, guarantee and remote assistance are included, no commitment required.

How to begin?

1) Onsite diagnosis
Our technical expert compiles the configuration of your existing IT.
We define your structural needs and provide you with recommendations regarding bandwidth optimization, IP for optimal heat map implementation, and wiring optimization.
2) We ship the hardware
We provide you with our universal router and all the Wi-Fi terminals recommended by our expert during the onsite installation assessment.
3) Set up and training
We finalize the setup and train your team to manage your network.

IT à la Carte and by Subscription

  • Equipment

    We provide you with all-in-one active hardware and access points.

  • Services

    Choose all the services you really need.

  • Monitoring

    You have access to your network activity 24/7, easily and remotely.

  • Assistance & Citypassenger Clinic

    Our team is here to assist you, offering you a more detailed analysis of your network.

Customer Case

Our network solutions respond to the following issues

Our network solutions respond to the following issues:

  • I have network delays
  • My Wi-Fi has micro-cuts
  • I have Internet subscriptions piling up
  • I have multiple interlocutors who send the ball back to me
  • My business software is slow
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