Quality of Service

Your issue is you have low-speed internet access and you want to improve network speeds? Our routers are designed specifically to optimize bandwidth usage and secure access to it by prioritizing the data flows.

Load balancing and VPN bonding

Your issue is you want to increase access speeds, secure your network with fixed or mobile redundancy (3G/4G) or with a load-balancing system? Our routers offer network-bonding and failover solutions whatever kind of network you have (xDSL, MPLS, 3G, 4G).

Teleworking access

Your issue is you want to access all your business applications at home or when you are travelling or even print remotely? Our routers offer remote access to your office and to all of the company’s resources, no matter what kind of connection you use (Wifi, 3G, 4G). Their design is simple and efficient, they secure all data exchanges and optimize quality of service.

Guaranteed Service Restoration Time (SRT)

With each and every one of our solutions we pay close attention to our client’s needs. We strive to offer you the best Service Restoration Time possible.

Green computing

CityPassenger’s solutions limit the number of routers needed in your technical room while offering a great variety of services. This allows your company to limit its energy consumption by reducing the number of devices to power.

Telecom costs reduction

CityPassenger routers can reduce your overall telecom overhead whilst at the same time offering you more comprehensive solutions. To detect useless equipment, CityPassenger offers an audit service.

Our remote management service administrates security rules and each router’s specific network parameters.