Group Structure: The Berrezai group consists of 12 Citroën garages and a car rental agency. They are located in Lower Normandy.

The IT network of these 13 sites is powered by a central server at St Lo.
CityPassenger’s Mobile-IT Gold box is connected on St Lo’s site and it filters the Internet dataflow. This box was installed by a local IT company which signed a distribution contract with CityPassenger. The deployment was executed without any difficulties and in the case of a breakdown a CityPassenger technician is quickly reachable.
This solution increases security, there was no filtering before. It is as well a user-friendly interface, authorizing or blocking the access to websites is easy.

Filtering and MLPS link suppression

Citroen Berrezai

Group Structure: Main site at Souffelweyersheim, then other four secondary sites at : Selestat, Haguenau, Illkirch, Saverne.

The DMS server, cars21, accessible through TSE, as well as all the other file server implemented on the main site. The group was integrally interconnected by an MPLS line ( Orange ). Its download time for a shared file of 20Mb was 40 minutes, this created slowness in the network followed by a failure of the file transfer. With the new architecture installed by CityPassenger, we have a SDSL line on 2Mb on the main site and several ADSL lines of 8Mb on the secondary sites. All of the employees and users of the network benefit from a mutualized proxy which facilitates the management of the filtering system.
The download time of the 20Mb file passed from 40 minutes to 7 minutes. The TSE connections are a lot faster and the breakdowns due to speed problems are gone. Ever since the migration, no breakdowns have been reported.
With Equant, the nomad connections were offered by packs of 10, today with CityPassenger, everything is included in the solution, without invoicing of extra costs. From a technical point of view, the connections and transmissions are done faster.
CityPassenger’s team has proven its professionalism and good choices, knowing how to listen to you needs and proposing solutions to the different problems that may occur daily. I must recommend this team.

Bandwidth optimization and network data flow


Group Structure: Sima Holding, car distribution network from northern France. It consists of 24 car dealerships in France (19 Citroën, 3 Peugeot and 2 BMW).

All of the sites are interconnected by the intermediate of CityPassenger’s Mobile-IT routers. This allows the company to define an IT group politic between the main site Mobile-IT Premium router and the Mobile-IT Bronze router on each of the secondary sites.
CityPassenger’s Mobile-IT solution allowed me to create an internal network between all of my sites from different car constructors with services such as:
– Internet Proxy management,
– Nomad VPN management,
– Wifi HotSpot management,
– Firewall management

Multibrand interconnection and IT group politic: