CityPassenger is actively involved in developing  innovative industrial solutions for extended corporations. In particular, these solutions answer ever growing communication needs for points of sale, involving all kinds of data (images, sound, databases, etc).

Our business: CityPassenger is the leader in cloud network solutions for digital points of sale
Since its creation in 2001, CityPassenger’s mission has been to provide innovative network solutions, with a strong focus on simplicity and efficiency, while offering a high level of security against dynamic threats, combined with extended network management functions.

CityPassenger exceeds customer expectations with its efficiency, its simplified management and the delivery of overall cost reductions for your company.

Our clients include SMEs, major private and public companies and organizations, and service providers.

Mobile-IT Networks is a scalable solution offering data flow acceleration optimization and a wide range of security functions for data protection.

Our solutions allow our clients and partners around the world to have better control over their information systems and critical applications so they can effectively run their business operations through a centralized management system.

To guarantee competitiveness and optimal efficiency to every client, CityPassenger invests in R&D activities and collaborates with many laboratories as well as national and international groups.

It is on this basis that CityPassenger is a member of Systematic international Competitiveness Cluster (Paris Region Systems & ICT Cluster) and Mov’eo (automotive and mass transit R&D).

Our team

The company is based in Courtaboeuf, France, Montreal, Canada and Berlin, Germany. The teams consist of experts, engineers and PhDs , developing innovative and rewarded with several patents in the areas of management of connectivity outlets technologies. The company also actively contributes to the open source domain.

Bruno Duval, President of CityPassenger, is a member of the Systematic competitiveness cluster’s Executive Board and a representative of SMEs at GT Telecom.